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The book is not dead nor does it sleep

Anybody who says the book is dead hasn't been keeping up with current events. Truth is, more books are being published now than ever before. Way more.

More than a million book titles were published in 2009--a quarter of those by "traditional" publishers and the rest by self-publishers and micro-niche publishers--including five titles by ConversantLife writers published by Conversant Media Group and Harvest House:

  • Apologetics for a New Generation by Sean McDowell: Helping you effectively share the answers to life's big questions with a new generation.
  • I Can't See God Because I'm in the Way by Stan Jantz and Bruce Bickel: Showing that a fresh view of God is more accessible than you think.
  • The Last TV Evangelist by Phil Cooke: Knowing why the next generation couldn't care less about religious media, and why it matters.
  • The God Question by J.P. Moreland: An invitation to honestly explore an entirely new way of living--the way of Jesus.
  • The Forecast by Caroline Ferdinandsen: A counterfeit memoir the lets the author lie the entire time and still tell you the absolute truth.

Earlier this year Conversant Media Group and Harvest House Publishers released Why the Bible Matters, the latest from Mike Erre. And just this week, Simon & Schuster released Flirting With Faith by Joan Ball, one of our original bloggers. Joan's journey from atheism to a robust Christian faith makes for superb reading.

Later this summer, our own Brett McCracken's new book, Hipster Christianity will be released by Baker Books. Look for this one to stir up all kinds of conversations about the nature of culture and how it influences faith.

And then there are the books written by some of our newest ConversantLife writers. We are delighted to feature:

  • Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos: One person's quest to find the real Jesus, destroy all imposters who stand in the way, and finally get an answer to the question that's haunted him for years.
  • Not God's Type by Holly Ordway: A bold testimony to the ongoing power of the Gospel to humble and transform even self-assured, accomplished, and secular-minded young professionals.
  • Humanitarian Jesus by Christian Buckley and Ryan Dobson: Showing ow the curent emphasis on social investment can miss the holistic picture of Jesus' life and ministry.
  • Crave by Chris Tomlinson: A collection of short, real-life stories showing that life with God can be a surprising, challenging, and richly satisfying journey.
  • Faithbook of Jesus by Renee Johnson: Offering timeless insights as you grow daily in your walk with God, addressing your needs, challenges, and fears through relevant and inspiring daily devotionals.
  • Why Trust Jesus? by Dave Sterrett: Helps us answer current questions the culture is asking, such as Why Should I Trust Jesus when So Many Other Spiritual Paths Exist?

The great news about all of these books is that they aren't static. As a reader, you have the opportunity to interact with the author here on, view video interviews and download free chapters that give you a better idea of what the book is about. No longer do you have to rely on a review or the book's back cover copy. You can hear from the author directly. In fact, we'll close this little update with a video from Joan Ball, talking about her brand new book, Flirting With Faith.


Books have become an important part in human lives. They are the tool for better education. - Paul Kadri

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