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Not Your Grandfather's Bible Study Magazine: My Interview with Mr. Magazine

In my interview with Samir "Mr. Magazine" Husni, the world's leading expert about the state and future of the magazine industry, he says that the publication I run "is not your grandfather's Bible study magazine." He also remarkes that Bible Study Magazine's " 'Weird but Important' content ... caught [his] attention. And ... some of the facts that [he] ... learned about the magazine's business model [e.g., we don't have any subscription cards] ... made [me], the magazine's editor in chief, the perfect person to 'study' and interview for the Mr. Magazine's interview segment of [his] blog and web site." (Mr. Magazine, you make me blush.)

Check out the interview here.

On another note, Mr. Magazine is starting a think tank to try and save the industry, which I will likely be a part of. Thanks Mr. Magazine for helping keep the industry alive, instead of predicting who is next to die.

For all you careful observers of culture out there, pay attention to the magazine industry. It tells us a lot about the economy and the rise/demise of ethical/a-ethical and literate/a-literate culture. For example, Reader's Digest filing chapter 11 hints at the future of reading, writing and business in our nation. And Michael Jackson on the cover of a ton of magazines in July tells us about our culture's ridiculous obsession with pop icons (dare I say pop idols). It is amazing how much we can learn about who we are as a people and where we are going based on what we publish in massive quantities and purchase at the last minute when in line at the grocery store.


I enjoyed this interview, John. We can admire the business model of BSM, but what's even better is that the time and energy is being poured into something with lasting value (how many print mags can say that?). I also appreciated your comment about giving your readers tools to discern and think for themselves. Bravo.

Thanks Caroline. Very kind of you.


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