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No God But One

Nabeel Qureshi’s 2014 memoir, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, described his heart journey from Islam to Christianity and became a New York Times bestseller.

Now he recounts his intellectual and theological journey in the follow-up book entitled, No God but One: Allah or Jesus? (Zondervan).

Qureshi details how an analysis of the history and theology of Christianity and Islam reveals stark differences between the world’s two largest religions.

In this compelling new book, Qureshi unveils a fundamental, enduring conflict between Islam and Christianity.

He writes to answer three major questions: 1) What are the differences between Islam and Christianity? 2) Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? 3) Is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth?

Qureshi directly answers controversial topics such as:

  • Can Allah and Jesus both be God?
  • Is the idea of God as a trinity problematic?
  • How does the Qu’ran compare to the Bible?
  • What is the difference between Jihad and the Crusades?
  • If Jesus is God, how did he die on a cross?

As you would expect, Qureshi takes this debate seriously, knowing the heavy cost of conversion for Muslim people. “For me, it’s been a decade since I made the decision to leave Islam,” says Qureshi.

“The fallout of my decision haunts me every day. I knew it would well before I ever converted, but I also knew that I was sure. I was sure that Islam and Christianity are not just two paths that lead to the same God, but two very different paths that lead very different ways.”

Qureshi has dreamed of writing this new book for at least a decade. “In my speaking around the world, I have met thousands of people who desperately seek God and are caught between the polemics of Islam and Christianity. I do not claim to be unbiased, but I have been on both sides of this decision, and I know how taxing it can be to try to wade through all the arguments.”

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