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How to Get Published: 10 Unpublished Rules

“How can I get published?” I regularly get asked this question. I have read incredible article pitches, and incredibly horrible article pitches. In return, I have a set of 10 unpublished rules. Some of my 10 unpublished rules are obvious, some are not. All are reminders to me that I can’t be oblivious to an editor’s needs when emailing them.

Remember, I was once unpublished. And if you really want it, someone will publish something by you too. We all start by being unpublished.

My first publication was not my magnus opus. It was just a creative take on something everyone knew intuitively, but few scholars were bold (or naïve) enough to say. (I caught a bit of scholastic flack for it, because I was daring enough to offend dead people who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Scholars get mad about all kinds of stuff.) The article was called “Early Evidence of Subjective Interpretation in the Pesharim of Qumran.” Yep, that was the title, and someone published it. Did it have original ideas? Yes. Did I think it was good, and did they? Well, of course. But who were “they”? They were a niche French publication out of a Canadian university, who published my article as the only English article in their academic journal. How many people read it? Probably five, not including my family and friends. But it mattered. Why? Because from that point forward I was published, and my career officially began. Now, I am the Editor-in-Chief of Bible Study Magazine, the author of a forthcoming coming book called The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah, and have published (or have forthcoming) over 50 articles.

So, check out my slides on how to get published. If you heed these 10 unpublished rules, and are creative, I bet you will get published too.

(By the way, we will start discussing "The Infinite in Everything" again next week.)


I like all your ideas. Thanks for sharing something which works best. - Aldo Disorbo

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