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Calling All Writers...

After more than four years of drafting, bumbling, abandoning projects and starting new ones I am thrilled to share that the Christian imprint of a large publishing house that has agreed to take on my first book. It is a personal narrative called (surprise, surprise) Flirting with Faith: My Journey from Atheism to Agnosticism to a Devoted Life.  

This is a mini-miracle for several reasons.  

  • I'm still floored by the fact that I wound up a Christian in the first place, so becoming a Christian author is further evidence that God both has a sense of humor and that He can (and does) do things that are beyond our wildest expectations.
  • New and untested voices are risky for publishers and I am about as much of a nobody from nowhere as one can be in this marketplace.  
  • While I've had articles published in Christian magazines, I have no big ministry or church or radio/tv show to use as a stepping-off point to promote this book. This is a real sticking point for most publishers.
  • I am writing a personal narrative which is a tough sell in any market, not to mention today's competitive and changing publishing market.
And yet, against the odds, I find myself with a fantastic agent, an incredibly supportive editor and a February 15 deadline to produce and deliver a 60,000 word manuscript for a tentative release in Spring of 2010.  
So, like my own blogging reality show, I am shifting the focus of my blog.  From today forward (with a few exceptions I am sure) I hope to open a conversation with other aspiring and working writers about the joys and challenges of writing.  From esoteric questions like what it takes to find and authentic voice to practical matters like what it takes to find an agent, I am hoping that this blog (which has now been moved from the "Spirituality" category to "Creative Arts") will be a source of shared information, encouragement, collaboration and prayer for people who feel called to write.
In addition to sharing anything useful that I have learned so far and my ups and downs as journey from here to Spring 2010, I am hoping to interview authors, agents, publishers, magazine editors, marketers, book club leaders and anyone else who might help us to grow in our pursuit of the writing life.  
I hope you will join me.     
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Congratulations on your book contract -- quite an accomplishment. I am sure it will be an inspiration to many, and bring many to faith in Christ.

I will be praying for you as you write it.


I am excited to read your book, Joan. I've subscribed to all of your future blog posts to see how this conversation goes. Thanks for the invite!


tracing the line of filiation from substance abuse to eating disorders and indigestion, from spirituality to the creative arts, from obedience to god to faith-based fiction . . . and wal-mart.

since it's a personal narrative and you have no big ministry or church or radio/tv show to use as a stepping-off point to promote the book, i recommend you at least be coherent.

Great trailer, Joan! I'm so excited for your book and can't wait to read it. Your story (and stories) are really engaging, and encouraging.

THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS JOAN!! Can't wait to celebrate with you on Tuesday!!

Thanks Christy: Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

What an important message for such a time as this!!

I'll buy a bunch of books to share.

Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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