Why the Bible Matters
Book ~ Mike Erre
Categories | Theology

Mike Erre, the teaching pastor of Rock Harbor in Costa Mesa, California, offers intelligent answers to the questions emerging generations are asking about the Bible:

  • How can the Scriptures be relevant to the post-Christian, postmodern world?
  • Does objective truth even exist?
  • With so many viewpoints, translations, and theologies out there, how can anyone today know what the Bible really means?
Many 20- and 30-somethings are suspicious of the way the Bible has been used by some people in the Christian community. But on the other hand, they don’t necessarily buy into modern revisionist criticisms either. This unique guide provides the middle ground, upholding the authority of the Bible in creative, engaging, and intellectually satisfying ways. It addresses the specific biblical questions, concerns, and issues that are so important to the under-40 crowd. Erre’s contagious enthusiasm and deep respect for the Scriptures match his first-rate scholarship.
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Mike Erre wrote an okay book a while back called "Jesus of Suburbia" and then a good one called "Why Guys Need God" and an even better one called "Death By Church." He has gone beyond "hitting his stride" on this one, and has given us a master-piece, a great, great book---now my favorite introduction to the Bible. I thought this might be mostly apologetics, insights about how to combat disbelief or to assure us of the reliability of the ancient texts.