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Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Great question, Noah.

The main reason why many scientists brush aside intelligent design is because they A) Have heard that it's not science and just creationist trash and blow by it because they're already slammed with their own research; or B) They dismiss ID because they don't like where it leads.

By the way, we can absolutely support intelligent design via science, otherwise it wouldn't, by definition, be scientific.

I would strongly encourage you to check out Sean McDowell and Dr. William Dembski's new book, Understanding Intelligent Design. In fact, download the first chapter of the book at

I pray this helps...


If you do some cursory research, you will quickly discover the widely repeated mantra of the "Judge Jones said it. I believe it. That settles it." mentality. You will almost always find this coming from professors, news media and signers of the humanist manifesto.

But, I encourage you to continue testing ID for yourself to see who in this great debate of debates is touting real, empirical argument, and who is using straw-man caricatures and ad-hominem attacks to promote their viewpoint and stifle debate.

Just in the last few weeks, the Texas State Board of education handed down some very stunning new language for their science standards, and this happened because the testimony given by subject matter experts was coherent and most importantly, empirical and testable. You can listen to the MP3 podcasts of this testimony for yourself and see that this debate is shifting in monumental ways because of monumental evidence.