Wandering in the kingdom with a coffee cup

5 Stars

I cannot conceive of a person being an atheist. How can this be? Look at the stars - God made them. I remember at the age of 8, telling my best friend's mother excitedly about Jesus. When I had the opportunity to read Ordway's book, thanks to the publisher, I grabbed the chance to see her path to conversion.

As an atheist, Ordway rationalizes herself out of her emotional reaction to 9/11. She re-reads poetry and realizes there is something deep in the poems of John Donne's "Break, blow, burn, and make me new." She feels a new hunger. She realizes her fencing coach, Josh, has strong Christian beliefs without being a pushy-type of guy. He is her intellectual equal, thus they have many conversations.

Some of the philosophical arguments were difficult for me to understand, however Ordway's metaphors, which are actually Josh's metaphors, are a delight to read. There's a paper coffee cup in a casino in Nevada. She wanders in the countryside of the kingdom, and stands on the edge of a moral precipice.

Two questions that I had while reading Not God's Type: I was curious about her own childhood family, and how she was raised. The Acknowledgment section at the end does not even mention Josh and Heidi, her tour guides while she bought her plane ticket. How could this be?


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