Knowing God Doesn't Lie
created on Sat, 01/18/2014 - 02:17

In the book of Titus, the apostle Paul says that believers faith and knowledge of eternal life is based upon God who doesn't lie, and has promised this since before time began.

As I look at these words I wonder how they can be uttered and more importantly how they can be believed. They are "big picture" faith statements and if it doesn't make one pause to ask if it is true then the meaning is not fully understood or appreciated.

I think I appreciate Pauls conversions but do I really? These are words that would rattle anyone in any time. Knowledge of God's intensions? How can man know this?

Yet isn't that exactly what God is seeking - for us tp know Him? 

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that these words in Scriptutre are placed to keep us on track...seeking to know God.

I grew up in a generation that embraced the idea that we should "question authority". Funny how those words haunt me now. Am I seeking the Bible as authority? Is it something different than what we had in mind when we embraced that concept? I submit that this isn't an apples to apples comparison since the difference has to do with the physical world verses the spiritual. Yes there are still questions regarding the spiritual, but its increasingly clear that skepticism about God is less an issue at least for me.

The beauty of belief is in the submission. It solves so many issues we place before ourselves. The ego takes a back seat and the meaning for life takes center stage.

Paul speaks with a knid of "inside" knowledge that can only be trusted once you understand his journey. This is not someone making up words to put in God's mouth. This rises from yearning to characterize a God who has stepped into a persons life in a most personal way and said - "Explain to others."

I have struggled giving "authority" to human writings at times, but I'm slowly coming around to understanding this is the path we now see dimly. God needs to start somewhere. And when I put it in relation to the story he has been telling since creation I see the growth of his people. Different approaches for different times if you will. Just as we don't learn calculus in elementary school God is graduating his people by revealing himself to our appropriate grade level.

I'm beginning to be more comfortable with the idea that although Scripture is finite, God's involvement is not. Perhaps we are no longer needing those truths written in earthly books as our only source of inspiration.He has written them on our hearts as Jesus says and that is becoming the new revelation that we need to trust in his Holy Spirit indwelling in us to help write the rest of the story. 

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