Top Ten Tips for Beginner Writers

by Rachel Summers 

Whether you are writing a novel or other forms of creative writing, when it is your first time it can be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start. This guide is here to provide you with ten of our top tips when it comes to writing when you are a beginner.

For those who are completely brand new to writing and have no idea, then alongside this guide the site Helping Writers Become Authors has many tools and resources available for you to use to help you structure, plan out and write the best you can.

We hope that you find this guide useful and that it helps you in your writing journey.

Be Passionate

Make sure that whatever it is that you are writing, you love doing it.

This is Not a Christmas Post

It seems that December forces every Christian writer to smash his inspiration into a yuletide theme box and wrap it up. It becomes his obligatory Christmas Post—the essay that is supposed to synthesize all his profound thoughts about the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Last year, my post was about the juxtaposition of despair and joy. The year before that? A theological connection to the Resurrection.

This year I’ve got nothin’.

It’s not that Jesus’ birth isn’t the most amazing thing ever. It absolutely trumps everything else. And that’s precisely why I just can’t write a Christmas Post this year without trivializing its gravity. I think I would end up writing one just to write one.

Instead, I’m going to write—very succinctly—a mini-post for all the other holidays this year that you’re definitely not thinking about right now.

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