An Uncertain Faith

Joan Ball, author of Flirting With Faith, and William Lobdell, who wrote Losing My Religion, get to the heart of faith in Part 3 of their 4-part conversation. "I embrace a very uncertain faith that many people are trying to make certain," Joan says. "By trying to make our faith certain, one cannot help but box it in and intellectualize it and make it human.

Lack of Courage

Joan Ball, author of Flirting With Faith, and William Lobdell, author of Losing My Religion, continue their conversation about God and faith and Christians. "I don't think there are a lot of Christians out there that deep down truly believe the Gospels," says William. "If they did, they would act quite differently." Furthermore, he believes Christians lack the courage to stand up when they see abuse and scandal in their own faith.

For her part, Joan has had some wonderful experiences with Christians, and some experiences that make her want to shake her head.

Joan Ball and William Lobdell Part 2: Lack of Courage from

Conversion and Deconversion

Joan Ball is a former atheist who found faith in the most dramatic way possible. Now, seven years later, she "dances with both faith and doubt." William Lobdell is a former Christian whose crisis of faith compelled him to turn his back on the God he once believed in. Joan's story is told in her new book, Flirting With Faith, while Bill shares his journey in Losing My Religion.

ConversantLife sat down with Joan and Bill for a dialogue about faith and doubt and what it means to honestly confront the most important questions any thoughtful person can ask. Here is Part 1 on a continuing conversation.

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