The Campaign film review

Will Ferrell probably has the easiest time making me laugh of all actors and comedians.  His sense of timing and line delivery usually have me belly laughing, even if the source material is weak.  I even think “Land of the Lost” is hysterical thanks to his performance.  Zach Galifianakis is also incredibly funny.  In spite of his Mitch Hedberg influenced joke structure feeling borrowed, I still laugh at his style of comedy on a consistent basis.  When I first saw “The Campaign” trailer, I was thrilled.  It looked hilarious - I rewatched the trailer dozens of times and laughed just as hard with each viewing.  So it’s with total disappointment that “The Campaign” ends up being one of the worst films I’ve seen in years.

“The Campaign” is sort of like that super inappropriate friend who thinks they’re hilarious, but doesn’t get that everyone else in the room isn’t laughing at their stupid jokes.

Elf and Cross-Cultural Issues

This Christmas season, you will watch the film “Elf” at least 37 times. Or, perhaps the opportunity to watch it will present itself as many times a day. As I write this, it’s playing in the background of my home. And why not? It’s charming, humorous, and a perfect showcase for Will Farrell’s comedy. Great stuff indeed. However, did you know that “Elf” is among the most brilliant depictions of cross-cultural issues available?

No really…and stop laughing at me.

The tension of cross-cultural interaction is this. Two people, from different cultural customs (be they familial, ethnic, or religious customs) live, work, and interact alongside one another. Their cultural norms appear bizarre, or uncomfortable to the other person.  Inevitably, people clash. When things appear “abnormal,” a common reaction is fear, stereotyping, joking, or otherwise harmful behavior. As much as Christianity is about inclusion thanks to the gospel message, we often struggle deeply in this area (our vast number of denominations serving as one of many proofs).

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