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How did it get so cold in here?

Kids, full time work, and a vacation from the gym – these are all things that are likely to happen after the big day.  You used to dress up and look really great for your wife but now you settle for sweat pants and faded Nirvana t-shirts.  You used to put effort into your time together, but something happened – You got busy with the kids, distracted by your job, or stuck in a routine to take care of business.  You’re tired.

It’s hard, and I get it.  I have been married for over 7 years.  I love my wife but can definitely identify with those dry seasons.  So, I want to speak to the fellas for a moment.  Yeah – You who sits on the couch with the PS3 controller and Madden on the screen.


Anticipation is building for the December 18th arrival of James Cameron’s first feature in 12 years, AVATAR. Reports about the budget rising above $300 million have resulted in striking similarities to the fear and trembling in Hollywood that preceded Titanic. Cameron is one of the only directors who can secure so much financial backing on an original script. The studios don’t mind risking so much money on a known quantity like a superhero film (Spiderman) or a sequel (Transformers). But with Avatar, Cameron has brought an entirely new world of the Na’bi in eyepopping 3D technology. The New Yorker chronicled his chutzpah in remarkable detail.

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