Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Film Review

I grew up with the Sherlock Holmes archetype as a quiet, reserved man who solved crimes to the befuddlement of others.  A classy cap and full bent pipe accessorized the man covered by a large, wooly off green overcoat.  So when Sherlock Holmes initial trailer reintroduced him to the public in 2009 as a cage fighting action hero, I was a bit sad at our cultures desire to make everything splashy and hip.  But then I actually saw the film, and enjoyed it for what it was – an entertaining action movie, with some clever dialogue and an amusing interpretation of the character brought to flawless life by Robert Downey Jr. 

The sequel finds the inspector bemoaning the departure of Watson to his upcoming nuptials, while encountering his nemesis in the form of Moriarity.  Moriarity is a brilliant professor who finds Holmes a formidable, yet outmatched opponent.  The film takes us from set piece to set piece of dazzling action sequences, gypsies, and drunken excitement.

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The End of the Line

Oscar is knocking at my door. Better get in my licks… 

The Blind Side. A rich white Memphis housewife takes in a hulking homeless black teenager and teaches him about God and football. He returns the favor by becoming a first-round NFL draft pick and an inseparable member of the family. Surefire, straight-arrow inspirational sports film succeeds as family entertainment and even manages to be mildly—microscopically—critical of the privileged social elite. Sandra Bullock does the subtlest acting of her career while director John Lee Hancock (who also adapted the bestselling book) does some careful steering through choppy emotional waters.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire. Despite the accolades and celebrity endorsements, an enormous slog.

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