Finding Jesus in the Avengers Movie

I love movies. And I love superheroes. As you can imagine, I was eagerly anticipating the release of The Avengers movie. In fact, I was second in line Saturday night because I got there over one and a half hours early! And the movie did not disappoint.


Yet as I watched the movie I was struck at how much the basic storyline mirrored the Christian view of reality. It reminded me of how C.S. Lewis said that there are stories throughout the literature of the world that mirror Christian themes of love, sacrifice, duty, unity, and good versus evil. According to Lewis, God has placed this on the human heart. And we see shadows of this even in the most unexpected places.


The first thing that struck me is how similar the forces of evil are in Avengers with the forces of evil in the Bible. In Avengers an outside alien force invades earth with the intent of dominating it. The leader, Loki, wants earthlings to worship him as a God. Loki came to earth because his brother, Thor, “unjustly” stole his throne. Out of jealousy and pride, he desires to dominate the earth and force it into submission.
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