The Art of the Poker Face

I have a horrible poker face. If I’m playing Texas Hold ‘em and I get dealt pocket rockets (which means you’re holding a pair of Aces), I try so hard to keep my face calm that I quickly develop a nervous twitch. In other words, I avoid playing poker often and if I do play it’s almost always among friends who are more than happy to relieve me of the friendly $5 buy-in. Yeah, we’re high rollers.

Quick caveat, I don’t condone poker. According to my dad, playing poker will lead to an addiction to gambling, which will lead to robbing banks and before you know it, prison. Under my dad’s regime, playing poker does not lead to a slippery slope, no, prison is the inevitable outcome.

I have a handful of friends who not only love poker, but are also really good at the game. Surprisingly, and to the chagrin of my dad, none of them have had to rob a bank to support their hobby, and to my knowledge none of them have spent a night in jail (well, at least not poker related).  
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Charlie Hall: A Good Man

I’ve met a lot of people in my young life, but, yesterday I met a fellow that will not soon be forgotten. I mean the guy told me to grab his goatee, he’s a good man.  Charlie Hall is a Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader/Pastor and now a friend. We had the chance to hang for a few hours yesterday as he and my friend Phil Wickham are on tour together and the tour stopped here at Cornerstone.

Charlie is one of those guys that lives like I hope I live. He lives in the midst of his story, believing God, believing the scripture, making his declaration through the art of song and doing everything with Christ in him to live it out. A couple things really stood out to me from what I observed in my time with Charlie and I’d love to share them with you.

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