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Now that you’re here, you’re probably asking, “What is The Way?” Is it a book? A bunch of Jesus freaks? Hippies trying to make a comeback after 40 years of wandering?

For starters, The Way is a Bible. But not that type of Bible. The Way started out as a groovy, counter-culture Bible in the early ‘70’s. It wasn’t the straight laced, black-type, burgundy-covered piece of arm candy that you carried to church every Sunday. It was a Bible that, for the first time, offered honest reflections and stories from real people right next to the Bible text.

Millions of teens and twenty-something’s had their copy. Just ask around.

And that’s exactly what The Way is now. Everything’s different inside, but the idea is the same. It’s a place to come in, and a place to go out.

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New Living Translation

Last week, I drove down to San Diego Children's Hospital and sat in the parking lot so I could tell you my good news.

Thirteen years ago God asked me to be his feet. Six years after that God  asked me to be his hands. For ten  years I watched as everyone else excelled, and I stayed at home. Stuck.  The only thing I wasn't stuck were my quiet times. Daily Devotionals became my sanctuary as the skin peeled off my face, feet, and hands. Then a miracle happened. The Word healed me.

I am so honored to be past my humiliating and horrified days of living without any skin on my (DISCLAIMER: Do not click if you have a queasy stomach) Fingers, Hands, Feet.
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