What Can a Free $1,000 Do? Lots if You Use It.

What Can a Free $1,000 Do? Lots if You Use It.

No joke.  This post is about you and your friends giving away thousands of dollars of someone else’s money - $10 at a time.  I can’t tell you how many “thousands” (legal details blah blah blah) but its lots. 


$10 free that you can invest in a humanitarian project of your choice.  Take our spare change and your spare time (its only 10 minutes) and give hope.  No strings attached.  No gimmicks. Just $10 free for you to invest in the world. No assembly required and its safe for kids.



About the time I started writing Humanitarian Jesus I also helped found The Glue Network – a new way of empowering people to impact need by finding new sources of funding like brands and companies to supply the money. 

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Top 10* Things We Can Do To Treasure Jesus More Fully In The Area of Stewardship

A few weeks ago, I spoke to our men’s group at church about my testimony in the area of stewardship.  I talked about how I was raised in a family that taught Biblical principles of handling money—and how I saw stewardship as an end rather than a means for many years.

I spoke the next week on the top 10 things we can do to treasure Jesus more fullywhen it comes to handling money.  There were 12 items on the list.  Here’s the summary:

    1.  Study the Bible for ourselves to see what God has to say about money.
    2.  Make the connection between the gospel and our use of money (see 2 Cor 8:9, Phil 2:7-11).
    3.  Make a budget…to the glory of God.
    4.  Never make an emotional financial decision (see Luke 14:28-30).
    5.  Limit, or eliminate, our exposure to debt (see Deut 28:1, 12-13, 15, 44, Prov 22:7, Rom 13:8),
    6.  Learn, with Paul, to be content (see Phil 4:11-13).
    7.  Work to the glory of God, and understand it is the Lord who prospers (see 1 Cor 10:31, Col 3:23-24, Gen 13:1-12).
    8.  Teach our children to be good stewards (Prov 22:6).
    9.  Give generously.
    10.  Give wisely (see 2 Thess 3:10, Mt 5:42, 1 Tim 5:8, 1 John 3:17-18, 1 Tim 5:17-18, Lev 19:9-10).
    11.  Be courageous when you encounter God’s teaching (see Ezra 7:10, 8:21-23).
    12.  Use your money to make God look glorious (see 1 John 2:16, Mt 6:28-30, 33).
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The American Work Crisis

Having spent last week in at a conference in San Diego, I was struck by how cool it was to come to my room each afternoon and find that someone had made my bed.  This someone (I met her) was hard working, knew more languages than me, and was terribly polite - possibly even more polite than some of the conference speakers and attendees.  I appreciated her acts of service, and wondered if she could live on what she was getting paid.

He works "hard" for the money? This morning I woke up and remembered that I'd need to make my own bed.  Then, on the stairmaster, I heard about Ryan Howard's five year contract extension to the tune of 25 million per year.  He's not providing a cure for cancer, or world hunger.  He's not healing people or playing an integral or even peripheral role in creating a more peaceful world.  He gets all these dollars for playing baseball.  Meanwhile, I recently met a rural Montana school teacher whose salary is less than 18 thousand a year, and know pastors who barely get by, while Goldman Sachs brokers and execs bet on the housing bubble and walk away with millions.  It all feels so wrong somehow, don't you agree?

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The Poverty of Affluence

This morning I was reading Peter Rollins' book “The Orthodox Heretic”.  In it he writes a parable called “Mansions” in which some disciples and Jesus are sitting around a campfire talking about the future kingdom in heaven.  They talk about the mansions and streets of gold, and how amazing it is.  One by one they all drift off to sleep until there is but one disciple left awake with Jesus.

The disciple asks Jesus a question.  He admits that he doesn’t know much about mansions and in fact has never been in one or seen one.  He asks Jesus if there will be any room in heaven for a simpleton like himself.  Jesus then looked at the man with compassion and answered,

“Don’t worry, tucked away in a tiny corner of heaven, away from all the grand mansions and streets of gold, there is a cramped little stable.  It doesn’t look like much inside or out, but on a clear night you can see the stars shine bright amidst the cracks, and you can feel the warm breeze caress your skin.  In this kingdom, that is where I live, and you would be welcome to live there with me.”
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General Motors and Jesus Christ

On Monday, June 1, 2009 General Motors unveiled plans to close 14 plants and three warehouses in a move that could ultimately slash up to 20,000 workers from its payrolls, as the company undergoes an historic bankruptcy restructuring.

This is terrible news for just about everyone, most particularly the thousands of workers who have lost (or will lose) their job. As an economically engaged Christian, I do not think that God desires anyone to stay indefinitely involuntarily unemployed and I believe we should be praying for everyone affected.

Here are few points to consider

1) Difficult circumstances are a time to become stronger. A year or so ago, two friends of mine were facing personal finance challenges. Today, one of them is sinking into alcoholism, is divorced, and has little custody of his children. The other is working two jobs, sweating a lot, but has developed more character in the last year than in his previous 34.

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The Economy of God

Sermon on the economy of God.

Asking for Money

We have done it all for Give A Damn? Everything from setting up a booth in Venice Beach, wearing nothing but a box on the street, car washes, speaking to youth groups/classrooms/whoever would have us, spray painting t-shirts at Warp Tour, concerts, dinners, banquets, etc. It has been a tireless year of fundraising.

When you are on this roller coaster ride to make your dream come true, life and work start to meld together. You start to look at people like dollar bills and dimes. You see yourself looking at your closest friends as potential donors. It is really sick in a way. Sometimes I just stop in my tracks, and realize,  "Am I selling myself to my best friends?" It sounds so money hungry/obsessed, but it also feels so natural because that is what is really on your heart and your friends want to know what is on your heart right?
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The Economy of God

My wife, Laurie, and I lived in Munich, Germany for several years. When we got there we discovered that Germans, by and large, do not have built-in closets. In place of closets they use schranks, large pieces of furniture that function like a closet, something like an armoire, only a lot bigger.

They are huge pieces of furniture and for novices, as we were, they are quite complex to assemble. After spending hours putting ours together we realized we had made several mistakes. Thankfully, however, the schrank was functional. Breaking it down and putting it back together again was just out of the question. It would be just too much work. But over time the imperfections of our assembly job became annoying. It didn’t look right and the doors were awkward.

A year later, for a wide variety of reasons, we had to move. Moving is always a lot of work and presents many challenges. But we were excited for one reason: we had a strategic opportunity to re-build the schrank the way it should have been in the first place.
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Arguing About Money

A Love Language Minute...

Arguing about money just isn't worth it.

Abundance of Possessions

A Love Language Minute...

Money makes life stressful, learn how to manage it better.

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