Spiritual Profiling Part 1

These days we talk a lot about "pluralism"--indicating the variety of religious and moral beliefs in our culture--as if that's a new concept. In fact, the world in the first century, when Jesus walked the earth, was far more religiously pluralistic than most of us imagine. He met, ate alongside, and conversed with secular leaders, detached believers, traditional power players, and many others. From every perspective, Jesus' world looked a lot like our world.

In Spiritual Profiling, a fascinating new book by Tom Hovestol, these two worlds come together in a dynamic way. ConversantLife.com is excited to feature Tom and his book, which shows how Jesus would have interacted with people today--both religious and secular. Through extensive research into the practices and mindsets of people living at the time of Jesus, Tom uncovered eight distinct groups and gave each one a "spiritual profile."

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