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It was Reid who said it best in his white sneakers and untucked shirt, “It’s a shame.” It is a shame – a shame that I need to go to bed and sleep, but here I am all riled up again. But isn’t that why we do it? The drama of it all – the most drama… ever.  One of my friends joked as we watched the ending of tonight's season finale of the Bachelorette that it would be hilarious if Ed showed up and said, “Actually, I have to go back to work.” Now that would be drama.  Another friend started the countdown – she gives them three months.

I thought for sure Kiptyn had it in the bag, but it was not so and then Reid came back looking like he befriended the little bottles on his flight over.  He was fresh off a long flight and ready to give her a ring of his own choosing, not from the Neil Lane collection, which would be a nice dent in my mortgage. 
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