50/50 Movie Review

“50/50” is not a Judd Apatow movie. 

If you saw the trailer and expected “40 Year Old Version: Cancer Edition” or “Knocked Up – with Cancer” you would be wrong.  Though I generally like Apatow’s movies (a friend of mine accurately described them as “feel bad, feel good” films), this one is different.  Yes, it’s rated R, has coarse language and lots of "potty" humor – but this one feels strikingly personal.

Adam (Joseph Gordon Levitt) is diagnosed with cancer.  The film depicts his "based on a true story" journey through a particular stage of his bout of cancer.  Along the way, there is the help of a best friend (Seth Rogen), Mother (Anjelica Houston), therapist (Anna Kendrick) and girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard), among others.  Saying more would be too much.

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