Just because you can doesn't mean you should

What makes a new innovation worth pursuing as we strive to create resources that will help others grow in their faith? For many years we have assumed that if a new technology comes along we should use it to reach out and share the Gospel with others.

In most cases we have used very little discretion as we apply various technologies to the communication of God's vision for the world. Sure, there were always the laggards in the adoption cycle that said that this technology or that was "of the Devil." But for the most part those concerns were reactionary rather than well thought out.

That lack of discretion has caused our message to be impacted by the technology that we use. Think about how television preaching has impacted our standing with nonbelievers and our approach to that time of teaching?

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Urbana 09 "It's insane!"

When I asked my friend Adina to describe Urbana 09 to me recently, she simply said, “It's insane!”

Urbana 09 is happening right now in St. Louis.  Adina said there are 17,000+ college students from around the world in attendance this year. They are discussing topics such as human trafficking, poverty, HIV/AIDS, divisions between peoples, and even environmental degradation affect missions.

One of the key themes of this years Urbana is on incarnational missions. They are taking a close look at the first four chapters of John’s Gospel for a rich understanding of Christ who came and dwelt among us.

Adina is very excited about all that she is learning and taking away with her from this event and she mentioned she is thinking hard about what it looks like to bring Urbana home.

Tonight was commitment night at Urbana. This is the night when the students have the opportunity to publicly commit to an area of mission involvement. That can be anything from committing to pray and learn more about God’s direction for them to committing to joining cross-cultural service anywhere in the world.

These students represent a rising, contagious love for God and for justice. As they make their commitments tonight, finish their college educations and venture into their illuminated path for righteousness, they need encouragement and prayer. For some, they are taking risks to live out bold fiery faith.  

I am excited for Adina. I have seen a joy in that woman that will no doubt bless countless others no matter where she ends up. And to think there are over 17,000 others like her, making courageous life altering decisions tonight excites me.  Like Adina said, “It’s insane!”

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