We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero.

We REALLY need your support with Dan's new film, Hit Man to Hero.

1st step: Checkout the IndieGoGo fundraising page http://www.indiegogo.com/hitmantohero

2nd step: Consider giving a donation to support Dan's next project. It’s super easy and will take almost no time at all.

3rd step: Like the Hit Man to Hero Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/HitMantoHero)

4th step: Spread the word! Use your voice via your Social Networking outlets  and then share your thoughts on the topic and feelings about the trailer.

GAD? Update 6_21_2012: Hit Man to Hero Trailer!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer:) Got some big news to share with you....

My current film, Hit Man to Hero, just launched our trailer and IndieGoGo campaign!! I told my producers that our friends would step up and support this fundraiser, so take about 5 minutes to check everything out and consider giving a little to help us finish this film!! http://bit.ly/MCwW7d

Screenings have slowed down for us a little since school got out, but we did end up winning the "Visionary Award" at the Awareness Film Festival in LA and just got back from a fun screening at the Gathering in Indianapolis!!!

We've had a few incredible interviews recently: We were absolutely blown away by Gregg Mullen and the team at HEC TV. Their story on GAD? was possibly our best story ever. You need to check it out !!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/ks5YXSpb . Also, here is an hour long interview with Dan on "World Poverty" with Lillian Brummet http://t.co/w6VIlMhc
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GAD? Update 2_9_12 - New Festivals, screenings, Awards and updates on side projects

Our Spring tour is kicking in to gear and we have a ton of cool events and festivals coming up. We our official selection for the "Africa World Documentary Film Fest" and the "Omaha Film Fest." Here is our upcoming schedule:

Feb 23rd Overflow Coffee Bar in Chicago at 7pm (details here)
Feb 24th Africa World Documentary Film Fest, 7pm at St. Louis History Museum (details here)
Feb 29th University of Oklahoma 7pm
March 10th - Omaha Film Fest, 2pm (details  here)
March 29th - Midwest Institute (Private Event)
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GAD? Update 12_28_11

Happy Holidays! It's almost 2012!! Just wanted to follow up on our last update, tell you some cool facts about our 2011 Fall Tour, and some new exciting news about my next film!!

First, as we mentioned in our last update, we had three more big screenings left. Missouri state was the 1st. They treated us really incredible, fed us, and then about 100 students showed up to the film and we had our usual 30 min Q&A. On Dec 15th, we also had an great screening at the St. Louis Scholarship Foundation and they served some authentic African food to the group!

The big screening was our screening at Skepticon, the 2nd largest Athiest conference in the country. About 400 people came out and we received a standing ovation and had a lively Q&A. Check out the video for yourself:) http://bit.ly/u9U3v9
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