God and natural disasters

Of all the types of suffering we see in the world, sometimes the most difficult to comprehend is the tragedy of natural disasters. With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we are once again reminded that nature has the power to unleash unimaginable destruction, causing loss of life and suffering on a scale that’s difficult to comprehend.

You can’t help but feel a sense of helplessness when such disasters occur. Because their origin comes from this planet we call home, we all feel the sting when the earth convulses. And we wonder: Can we trust this life-giving sphere that is usually so good to us? It all seems rather capricious, especially when those who are least able to handle the terrestrial smack of earthquakes, typhoons, and floods are often hit the hardest.

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The fulfillment of Revelation 18: Iraq's current pursuit of wealth

Two days ago in the Wall Street Journal an article was written titled “The Great Iraqi Oil Rush” under an add for the CEREWEEK 2011 energy conference.  The writer is Bhushan Bahree and is the HIS CERA Senior Director whose job is to focus on global oil markets, OPEC, and the Middle East. This was written as a heads up for what will be discussed at the energy conference in Houston, Texas this week.  I found it fascinating because the writer presents Iraq’s aggressive plan to produce and export their oil.  Why is this so interesting?  Because of what the book of Revelation says about Babylon in the time of tribulation.  I am specifically referring to Revelation chapter 18 where it speaks of Babylon, located in modern day Iraq, being a powerhouse in economic commerce.

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CNN Announces Launch of The Freedom Project

Tony Maddox, CNN International Executive Vice President and managing director was quoted today saying, “It’s our journalism-based assertion that this [human trafficking] is the greatest uncovered news story of today, and CNN plans to rip the lid off.”


CNN’s effort to “rip the lid off” begins with the official launch of The Freedom Project. The site will include regular features such as tracking the numbers of people currently enslaved, solutions to the issues and success stories of survivors and organizations committed to ending the world’s problem of human trafficking.

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GAD? Update 2_20_11

Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from us,  we have been focused on doing test screenings of Give A Damn? and our composer Ian Perry is hard at work creating an original score for the film. Its sounding awesome!

There has been a lot of waiting to hear back from festivals. We did not get into South by Southwest, and are waiting to hear back from Tribeca, Hot Docs, & Sheffield. We plan to submit to Silverdocs and the Los Angeles Film festivals. From there, we will start expanding to enter into a wider array of festivals. If you are the praying type, we could definitely use some help in this one!

We have done more than a dozen test screenings with some awesome results. I have attached a picture from one of our screenings. If you would like to be apart of our next screening or organize one yourself, just shoot us an email. The picture we attached were some friends who contacted us and took the initiative to get some folks together. On Feb 27th, we will have one of our largest test screenings at a coffee house out in Pacific, MO at 6pm. Let us know if you are interested!

I am a Human Being

There is a lot of crap in the world today, no doubt about it. Sin is everywhere and people are hurting. There is no denying it. Tonight I gave a presentation on Human Trafficking to some cool local college students. As they discovered, this issue is dark. The only hope I see in it all, is the light of Christ which reveals itself in those who know Christ on the personal level. As Moses' face radiated after seeing God, so do Christ's followers radiate light where there is darkness. This video is what light looks like when shone over the dark. I am a human being. I am loved. I am a work of art. I am precious. I am created with purpose. I am no different than any other person God has created. Here is a man who gets what it means to be a created human being and live with purpose. It's awesome really what one person can do. This guy could be you. 

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Reagan's precondition for any good

Earlier this week was the 100th birthday of former president Ronald Reagan.  Whether or not you believe in Reagan’s philosophy of governing by “Peace through Strength”, there was a more foundational side to lasting peace, strength, and stability Reagan believed in.  Although Reagan championed peace through strength by forming a stronger military against the Soviets, he also penned in a letter written to Monsignor Meyers on January 19, 1984, “I believe that a spiritual renewal is the necessary precondition for the accomplishment of any good if it is to be lasting and pervasive.”

Reagan understood that he was up against more than a military conflict with the Soviets.  He was battling out an oppressive ideological force as well, that of communism.  The religion of such a regime has no room for a creator God to look to.  It is atheistic.  I believe Reagan’s confidence in being able to defeat communist regimes, came from his belief in America being on a stronger moral foundation.

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A new focus

Poverty can be hidden, it can be covered, it can be pushed to the outskirts so it's not visible to the business class of a city, but it is still there. The reality of such tragedies hit me this week, and of all places here, in the capital city, in a sprawling urban metropolis, poverty can be seen at its worst. Well, in my imagination at its worst, but in the reality of things, those starving people living not two blocks from my house are the middle class of Burkina. Out in the villages, three, four hundred kilometers from Ouaga is where desperation is screaming at you everywhere you go.
Blaise's Barber Shop!  
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13 Yr. Old Prince has a Dream for Congo

Have you ever thought about what you might say if you drafted your own version of Martin Luther King Jr.’s, I Have a Dream speech? What dreams do you have? What hopes do you have for yourself and for your community?


Prince lives in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Four years ago, Prince, who is one of many street kids born in a war zone and living on the streets, asked my friend Esther if she could help him go to school. Now 13 years old, Prince and his classmates recently studied the life of Martin Luther King Jr. This past November, Prince stood in front of his class and recited MLKJ’s I Have a Dream speech. As he finished, his classmates applauded and Esther told him he did a great job and that he could take a seat again.


Prince stood there in front of the class. He hesitated for only a moment and then said, “But that was MLKJ’s dream for America. I have a dream for Congo.”

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