5 Good Minutes with: Gary Haugen – Founder International Justice Mission

The Humanitarian Jesus Interview Series

Gary Haugen

There exists an intensity behind the eyes of every great lawyer who knows what it takes to win.  It is that extra force of nature that quietly tells the opposition – “you can beat me or fight me, but you won’t outlast me.”  It was the first thing I noticed in Gary Haugen when we sat down in his DC office.  Gary started International Justice Mission, IJM, in 1997 after returning from his United Nations appointment to head the investigation of the Rwandan Genocide.  There is no question that he brought the credentials and experience to do the job, but he brought something else with him that palpably filled the offices and staff of IJM on the day I was there…

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Kevin Bales: A Modern Day Slavery Expert

They call him an expert. He’s considered to be the most knowledgeable person on modern day slavery. His name is Kevin Bales. Kevin is a professor, an author, a speaker and President of the anti-slavery organization Free the Slaves. I had the privilege of hearing Kevin speak briefly at an Award Ceremony last fall that Free the Slaves hosted. The awards were given to survivors of modern day slavery. It was an unforgettable celebration of life and freedom.

Modern day slavery, or human trafficking, is such a disturbing issue of our day. I’ve found it helpful to really learn from those who have dedicated their lives to making it end. England had William Wilberforce. Today we have people like Kevin Bales, Gary Haugen and the countless others whose names we will probably never know who are working on the front lines to combat this evil.  
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