Former LA Symphony Members Spill "Rootbeer"

Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, both formerly from hip-hop group LA Symphony, dropped an E.P. last Tuesday under the name of Rootbeer.  With 5 tracks and not even 20 minutes of music there was many opportunities for me to listen through it again and again since it was released.  With the top tracks Chimpanzee and title track, Pink Limousine, it is clear that Rootbeer has developed their own brand of hip-hop.  It is animalistic, fast pace and fun.  They have struck gold on these two tracks that would be pleasing to any fan of P.J or Flynn or (any Hip-hop head for that matter).  Girlies is a fun track with a distict Rootbeer sound as well but it takes a back seat to the others.  The last two tracks are Under Control which is starting to grow on me with out it having any special qualities, and So Good with is a throw back to Pigeon John's Sings The Blues.

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