Doing an eReading Inventory

Reading is an experience. It involves all your senses. Where you read, when you read, why you read is all part of the context that makes reading meaningful. So the idea of reading books digitally, isn’t simply a cost issue. It requires each of us to rethink how, when, where and why we read in light of this new medium.

As we rethink these various factors, you have to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • What are you losing by reading digitally and, conversely, what are you gaining?
  • How will it affect your reading patterns? Will it cause you to read more or will it decrease the amount you tend to read?
  • Will eReading change what you read? Will you read more fiction or will you tend to focus our eReading on work/study/etc?
  • Will eReading change where you read? Will you read more because the books are more portable?
  • Will eBooks help you make better use of resource materials such as cook books, how-to books, Bible commentaries and studies, etc?
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How "The Daily" will affect eBook reading, is the print book dead?

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's new iPad newspaper, was launched today, offering iPad users a way to get their news from a completely digital newspaper…minus the paper.  It is offering stunning graphics, video, animations, up-to-the-minute news, celebrity news, and more.  Mr. Murdoch believes that the iPad is a game changer with regard to how people consume their information.  He feels that we are entering a new day of content delivery as more and more tablet computers come to market.  The iPad is hot today, but tablet PC’s aren’t limited to the iPad, there are many Windows 7 based tablet PC’s either on the market now or coming very soon.  Some of these newer devices will have lower prices as well. 

So how will the Daily affect eBook reading?  eBooks are still relatively new; people are still getting warmed up to the idea of reading digitally, and using a device of some sort to do that reading.  It is interesting to note that, every day, people all over the world are consuming content digitally from their computers, iPads, other tablet computers, and smart phones.  Reading a book digitally really isn’t a stretch because all of us are reading a great amount of content in digital form right now.  As digital publications like The Daily come to market, more and more people are being introduced to consuming their content digitally using a digital reading device of some sort.  The convenience of digital becomes apparent, and people are more likely to embrace other forms of digital content, like eBooks.   

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