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This video is just a deep example of the social, political, and cultural critique of the post-soul generation. Mos Def, Cornel West, and Bill Maher have an in depth discussion regarding race, politics, and cultural elements in American society. Again, it really illustrates the deep consciousness of the post-soulist.

***Caution**** there is the use of strong language in this clip.

Vogue and Michelle Obama

Normally, when I check out of the grocery store, I intentionally ignore the gossip magazines. I do scan the headlines sometimes just to smirk at the sheer ridiculousness of our culture's obsession with celebrity and  at the claims that Pee Wee Herman's face was just found on Mars. But, I almost never purchase them.

Yesterday, though, I snatched up two of them, Vogue and People, because Michelle Obama was on the cover.I'm fascinated by how First Ladies make their mark, maybe because I'm a pastor's wife, dealing with my own version of spotlight and criticism. First I thumbed through Vogue. Scores of sickly looking, too thin models stared back at me. I've always cringed at the way eating disorders are touted as perfectly normal on the runways of the fashion industry. I was struck by the contrast between Michelle Obama and the weak, waify, starving girls in the magazine. Michelle's photo screamed strength. Her famously buff arms and her confident smile were refreshing to see on the cover of a fashion magazine. Unlike the models, she didn't look like she would collapse at any moment from lack of nutrition and there were no dark  gray circles under her eyes. 
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Calling All Losers: Coyote County Loser Movie Review

Can a loser find love?  


I had the privilege of viewing the premiere showing of Coyote County Loser at Landmark Theaters in West Los Angeles last week. In this romantic comedy set in desert and barren Roswell, New Mexico, Coyote County Loser (written and produced by Jacob Roebuck and directed by Jason Naumman whose other films include “The Wash,” “In Between,” “Happy Wednesday” and “Jesus People”) radio personalities Dr. Lauren Hartford (played by Nikki Boyer, TV host of TLC’s “Perfect Proposal” and TV Guide’s “Watch This”, as well as actress in 6 films) and Jack Proctor, the Love Doctor (played by actor Beau Clark who has most recently been working on features, shorts and commercials) find themselves in an all out throw-down competition to find love for Coyote County, New Mexico’s, biggest loser.

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Coraline Makes Me Feel Inadequate

I went to see a movie last week that had a profound effect on me.  Mostly, it made me feel completely inadequate.  The movie was "Coraline."  Now, you may  be wondering how an animated film based on a story written for children by novelist Neil Gaiman could produce that kind of response, but it's true.  After experiencing "Coraline" in all of its stop-motion 3-D glory, I felt unworthy of ever writing another word.  If I were a painter, I would have flushed my brushes down the toilet.  If I were a musician, I would have smashed my guitar.  Since I am a writer (sort of), I felt like destroying my computer.  How could I ever create anything worthy of public consumption after viewing something with such artistic magnificence?

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Jedi Training

My son Caleb graduated from Jedi Training Camp last summer.
This is not a joke.

His padwan name was made up from the first syllable of his first name, and the last syllable of his last name. Spelled Cal – On. Pronounced Khae Lon. Everytime his mom or I tried to say his name he would inevitably correct us, alternately more or less gutteral, depending on how our attempt sounded…“it’s Khhaaae Lon.” We’d try again. “No, no, like this: Khhhaaaaae Lon.” Got it, bud. Moving on.

There was a graduation ceremony. John Williams music in the background, names announced for each young apprentice. They would walk to the front, be saluted by their peers, and one of three “Masters” would present a medal to each, and say, “Congratulations on becoming a Jedi Knight."

We made a light saber. Each padwan recieved a list of supplies to pick up from Home Depot, and we assembled it on our front steps. Then I took some time “shooting” at him with blasters of soccer balls, footballs, and tennis balls. He did the sound effects of his light saber swatting away the assault. As we played, Caleb peppered me with facts:

“Did you know they filmed the Degabah scene in George Lucas’ swimming pool? They did. They poured in swamp water.”
“Did you know Star Wars came out on my birthday in 1977? They did. I wasn't born yet."
“Did you know Stormtroopers are dramatic? They are. And one of them hits his head."

But I already knew. Oh, I know a thing or two about the Star Wars Universe.

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Bonehead Economics

I'm no economist, but like you I've been paying attention to the economy more than ever before.  Most of the time the big numbers floating around the headlines these days--trillions lost in the market, hundreds of billions pledged to Wall Street by the federal government--simply dull my senses.  I mean, how do you relate to numbers with that many zeroes in them?  For me, it's more about getting dinner at Pick Up Stix for $4.99.  That's what I call a bail-out.

Just when I didn't think another headline related to the economy could get my attention, I saw one the other day with the number $18.4 billion, and I began developing a facial twitch, not unlike the one worn by the Chief Inspector in the Pink Panther movies whenever he thinks about Inspector Clouseau. 

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