Does the Earth Care What We Do To It?

One of my most favorite social commentators is George Will. Recently I read an article from him that said that the earth doesn't care what is done to it or for it. His main point is that over "geologic" time (i.e. extended time millenniums, millions of years, etc..) what we do to the earth is so minimal as to barely register. He notes the amount of rain that falls on the earth to illustrate that we should all be flooded out yet we are not drowning on a global scale.

The article raises some good points when one thinks about the big picture and that is necessary from time to time. Comparing our present few generations to geologic time, George Will is right (i believe) that whatever happens will just be a blip and the earth will survive. After all the earth survived ice ages. We can be so short-term near future focused that we forget to look at history or  into the future 20,30 even 1000 years. 

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Chemistry was never my forte. If I’m truly honest, all sciences were death for me in school. I have always been much more interested in people, culture, history and relationships.

Recently, however, I have developed a fascination with space. I was blown away watching this YouTube video sermon from Pastor Louie Giglio. It’s in 5 parts and it’s definitely worth the watch.  I had no idea there was so much stuff floating out in space and that Earth, is nothing but a spec of matter in comparison, hanging at a perfect distance from the one thing that can destroy it; the sun.

The Earth is incredible. It is so small in comparison with space and yet so vastly huge compared to you and I. Job said it pretty well when he said,

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