Twenty Years of Amazon

by Stan Jantz

It’s been 20 years since Amazon launched a website that changed the world. Okay, that may be overstating things a bit, but it most definitely changed my world. I was the happy owner of a large chain Christian retail stores, doing business the way booksellers had been doing business for centuries: stock a bunch of books, provide a nice environment in a good location with a friendly, knowledgeable staff, and you were pretty much guaranteed to be successful.

When was launched, I was curious, so I registered just to see how it worked. Remember, in 1995 there were no search engines, no Google, no ecommerce of any kind. Smart phones wouldn’t appear for another 12 years. There was just the Internet and email, and both were more novelties than necessities. So the notion of buying my favorite commodity through a computer fascinated me.

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Interactive Christian eBooks from NOVO Ink

Welcome to NOVO ink! Why NOVO Ink? The story behind our name is simple. NOVO Ink means "new link." We are living through a revolution in publishing. For centuries books were created by using ink on paper.

Today, however, readers like you are rapdily moving from the traditional world of ink and paper into an era of instant publication delivery through the Internet and reading eBooks, eMagazines, and other epublications of all kins on a variety of eBook readers and devices, none of which use ink or paper. Thus our name. Digital is the new ink of our time, and eBooks are the way to read.

Our goal at NOVO Ink is to bring you a remarkable selection of life-enhancing eBooks and eZines. We hope you'll enjoy a wide variety of choices that will help grow your faith and strengthen your values, as well as enrich everyday life and business.

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