Halfway Isn't Half

We have now completed our first grouping of five:

Groups of People: non-followers of Jesus

·         A non-follower is by definition someone who has not given his/her life to follow Jesus.

Group 1: The Antagonist: will negate any kind of possibility of God to fit his/her own framework of possibilities.

Group 2: The Spiritualist: believes in every kind of supernatural possibility – ghosts, energy, reincarnation, etc.

Group 3: The Disinterested: never really thought about God and spends a lot of time trying not to think about mortality, God, or the meaning of life.

Group 4: The Moralist: believes that as long as they are good and people don’t actively hurt one another then God is irrelevant (if He/She exists then they will be good enough, and if not, then the world is a good place).

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Welcome and Winds

First, a welcome to all of those now tuning into my blog via “Conversant Life”.  You are now a part of a regular community of change agents who are living all over the world. 

My readers and I share a strong connection: we are passionate about navigating this life intentionally, passionately, and with kingdom-focus. Here’s what you need to know:

1.  We believe that God wants to use us to change the world.

2.  That’s not an esoteric statement, but one with profound implications: we start with where God has placed us and begin to echo His kingdom proclamation (found in Mark 1 at the beginning of His ministry).

3.  The baseline is leaving everything to follow Jesus. That’s what distinguishes the fishermen from the rich young ruler; the follower from the pretender; the well-intentioned from the intentional.

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