What Is the Design Argument for God’s Existence?

The design argument is also called the teleological argument. It makes the point that life, the laws of nature, and the whole of the universe demonstrate immense specified complexity, the mark of design—therefore the universe must have come from an Intelligent Designer.

Some time ago I collaborated with Dr. William Dembski in writing a book entitled Understanding Intelligent Design.In it we covered the many facets of the arguments for intelligent design. The remaining portion of this answer is drawn from that book.

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Intelligent Design Uncensored

William Dembski has done it again. His recent book “Intelligent Design Uncensored” (co-written with Jonathan Witt) is a marvelous introduction to the controversy surrounding the ID movement. If you’re unfamiliar with intelligent design, or you want a primer, this is the book for you. While they cover the usual ground for a book on intelligent design, the uniqueness of this book comes from its engaging and sometimes even humorous writing style.

This book is very timely because there is a pressing need to get the message of ID to young people. While the arguments for ID have been developed considerably, many people still assume Darwinism is the only game in town. Last week I received an email from a high school student in Orange County who had a class debate on intelligent design versus evolution.

Missing Link a Dead End

Every so often some new fossil discovery is heralded as the "missing link" that will finally corroborate Darwin's theory.  A few months ago the fossil "Ida" was released to the public (it was actually found years ago) and heralded as the "eight wonder of the world" that would finally silence Darwin-doubters. Ida was proclaimed in major newspapers, covered in a cable-TV special, and the feature of a new book. However, new discoveries are showing that it's a complete evolutionary dead-end. This should not come as a surprise to those of us who are skeptical of Darwinism, but it is surprise how strongly the media has come out against it.

Check out this link!

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Dawkins on Colbert Nation

For those of you who missed it, Dawkins made his second appearance with Stephen Colbert. It's a must see! As always, Colbert is hilarious, but also gets to the heart of the matter between naturalism and Christianity. This is a great teaching opportunity for teachers, youth workers, and even parents. Enjoy!




Why Evolution is True

  • “Evolution is a fact. And far from casting doubt on Darwinism, the evidence gathered by scientists over the past century and a half support it completely.”
  • “Today scientists have as much confidence in Darwinism as they do in the existence of atoms, or in microorganisms as the cause of infectious disease.”
  • “Evolution is far more than a scientific theory: it is a scientific fact…scientists need no more convincing.”

These quotes all come from Professor Jerry Coyne’s recent defense of Darwinian evolution entitled Why Evolution is True (Viking Publishing, 2009).  Like most books that defend Darwinian evolution (if not all), the author acts as if the evidence for evolution is simply overwhelming and conclusive. From his perspective, it’s only scientific novices or cranks that believe in creationism or intelligent design (ID). And the future of science itself rests upon defending Darwinian evolution against its critics.

Missing Link Brouhaha

“They found the missing link. Darwin’s theory is now confirmed. There is no longer good reason to doubt that evolution is true.” Once again, the national media is focused on an ancient fossil find that allegedly confirms Darwin’s theory of evolution beyond a reasonable doubt. Stories about this find have been on the Drudge Report, ABC News, CNN and every other major news program. Mayor Bloomberg dubbed the find an “astonishing breakthrough.” Even Google changed their logo to match the fossil.

The creature was first found in 1983 in Germany and has been dubbed “Ida.” The fossil is remarkably preserved and is dated to 47 million years ago. It is about the size of a cat, has four legs, and has a long tail. Many scientists are heralding it as a clue that will help reveal mysteries surrounding puzzles of early evolution. The story of the fossil find will be shown on History, which is owned by A&E Television Networks. A book is planned as well.
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Is the Chimp-Mauling Darwin’s Fault?

This week we received the sobering news that a 55-year old woman was nearly killed by a 200 pound chimp. Her face was so severely disfigured and unrecognizable that one news station reported the victim as a man. In case you are wondering how a chimp could be so powerful, an animal expert on CNN (Larry King Live) reported that chimp’s are roughly five times as strong as human beings. The poor woman was utterly outmatched. My heart is truly broken for this woman and I hope and pray she will experience fully recovery.

Nevertheless, we need to ask a basic question: How could something like this happen? How is it that we live in a culture where people think it’s safe to have a chimpanzee as a pet? Where do people get the idea that we ought to take a wild animal and treat it like a human being? The chimp owner treated the animal like a son who ate at her table, slept in her house, and even drove her car.
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Thanks to the New Atheists

I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank the New Atheists. By “New Atheists,” I am referring to Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great) Sam Harris (Letter to a Christian Nation), and all the other recent atheists and agnostics who have been so viciously criticizing the Christian faith. Given that I am an evangelical Christian, you may be thinking, “Why on Earth would you want to thank them?” Let me explain.

Many of you are familiar with William Dembski, one of the leading architects for the intelligent design movement (my co-author for Understanding Intelligent Design). In 1988, he finished what he thought was his last graduate degree in mathematics from MIT. What struck him so significantly was how readily his colleagues regarded Christianity as passé. They completely dismissed it as lacking intellectual vitality and did not even consider it worth engaging. They certainly didn’t think it was dangerous and in need of eradication (as the New Atheists do).
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It's a Dead Man's Party: Charles Darwin at 200 (Part 4)

...continued from Part 3...

Where Does the Evidence Really Point?

In January of 2004, the atheist community was stunned by a major announcement.  Antony Flew, probably the world’s most influential atheist of the last 50 years, publicly acknowledged his move from atheism to belief in God’s existence (he hasn’t embraced Christianity just yet, though).  Let me give you some perspective. Flew’s announcement is equivalent to Billy Graham calling a press conference and telling the world he is leaving Christianity.  Can you imagine the shockwaves throughout the Christian world? 
So why did this life-long atheist ditch atheism?  Flew said he “had to go where the evidence leads.”   And what was that evidence?  “I think that the most impressive arguments for God’s existence are those that are supported by recent scientific discoveries...I think the argument to Intelligent Design is enormously stronger than it was when I first met it.”  

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It's a Dead Man's Party: Charles Darwin at 200 (Part 3)

...continued from Part 2...

Wait, the Fossil Record is Evidence of Macroevolution, Right?

Of course, scientists suggest there is evidence for macroevolution.  They point to the fossil record.  They argue we have transitional forms.  These are intermediate fossils that demonstrate gradual change from one type of species to another.  Scientists hold up examples like Archaeopteryx.  Maybe you’ve seen this lizard-like-bird fossil in your biology book (if not, google it).  Supposedly, it’s a transitional form between lizards and birds.  But there’s a major problem with transitional forms in general.

A few potential transitional examples here and there are not enough.  Evolutionists need a lot more.  Darwin said so himself in Origin of the Species.  “The number of intermediate and transitional links, between all living and extinct species, must have been inconceivably great (emphasis mine).”  In other words, if Darwin’s theory is true we should find tons of transitional forms in the fossil record.  But we don’t.

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