Do you have Cultural Intelligence?

Let me play my cards up front with you, there are a host of 'intelligence' quotients today. I have read books in the past year that deal with our relational intelligence, our right brain, left brain, and our central intelligence (agency that is), but I do believe that one of the more pressing concerns in our globalizing world is whether or not we are culturally intelligent. For some people, being culturally intelligent will be based more on information than experience. Others of you will have traveled widely and therefore, you will have your own perspective. All of us need to understand that neither our culture nor our view of culture is necessarily at the center of anything (other than our own minds).
Author and Scholar David Livermore introduces his book on the subject in this short clip.
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Evangelism Implosion

 I met Scott after I watched him walk oblong circles for an hour in the mercury-lit parking lot behind my house. I timed my trip to the dumpster to intercept his orbit. As it turned out, he was not having a mental health episode, but explained that he and some others had boarded a faded Ford van and drove all the way from Ohio to “do evangelism” in New York City.  He was pretty psyched to be in New York. His eyes glistened with the vivid sheen of hopeful good intentions.  

Talking with Scott raised a few questions. I’m glad Scott came all the way from Ohio to be with people from New York, but I really wanted to ask him if everyone in Ohio had become a Christian already. Or did he want to go to Times Square, where visitors from Ohio tend to hang out? Were the only non-Christians in Ohio currently visiting New York? Was he was the hound of heaven, pursuing them even as they waited in line at TKTS for cheap “Little Mermaid” seats?

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“Christians” in “Babylon?”

Has anyone else noted that Christian’s seem to be getting a little . . . touchy? I don’t know, maybe some are still simmering over the election (though most of the Christians I know voted for Obama). Maybe because of the economy? Maybe Darwin’s recent birthday.  Somehow Christians seem to feel a little defensive. A little “us against them,” like during the “culture wars” of the past.

The headline jumped out at me as I looked up to the Conversant Life site on my screen: “Can Christians be Darwinists?”  I was surprised. Do people somewhere in America still actually use the term “Darwinists?” What would happen if I casually walked up to a group of my friends and asked “hey, any of you guys Darwinists!?!” With all due respect and honor, I just honestly don’t get it. I noticed that the “Darwinist” blog stayed in the “most discussed” list for weeks, so it must be important to people. But I wonder, who do we think we are?

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