Perhaps American Idol’s fading star is attributable to the musical polish of GLEE.   On this week’s episode, the poignant melodies of Burt Bacharach fueled some of the most memorable television I’ve seen in years.   The late Luther Vandross turned "A House is Not a Home" into a powerhouse, show stopping production.   But Glee added another layer of heartbreak when Kurt sang it as a tribute to Finn.  Now, the ‘chair’ is much more than a chair.  It is a symbol of the loss of a parent, the loss of innocence, the unrequited love of a male cheerleader for the class jock.   That’s a lotta drama packed into one scene and song and show.

On the other side of the Cheerios cheerleading squad, body image became a highly charged issue.  

With Sue Sylvester pressuring the team to lose ten pounds, Mercedes Jones faced an internal (and external) crisis.

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