What Proximity Is Worth

This post contains excerpts from a piece in mereorthocoxy.com.

Being a blogger and writer on the Internet, there are many amazing people from all over the world who I “know” and have occasional online exchanges with. On rare occasions I get to meet them in person at things like the Q Conference, and it’s a delight for which I am very grateful.

But more and more I see that the relationships that matter most are the ones right in front of me: My wife, church, neighbors, co-workers, the members of the life group I lead, the college students I teach or mentor. These are the people who inhabit my incarnational reality, who show up in my daily and weekly rhythms, who know me in an integrated way. These are the people I grow with. If any of the ideas I gleaned from Q are to develop into good-advancing action, it will be in collaboration with these people.

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Higher Ground at Sundance

The 2011 Sundance Film Festival is driven by ultimate questions. John Horn from the Los Angeles Times notes how bad faith fuels films like Salvation Boulevard, The Ledge, and Kevin Smith’s bloody Red State. Festival programmer John Cooper told Horn, “It’s America looking at itself.” Even the Sundance website acknowledges the rise of spiritual cinematic themes this year. The great news is that many of these refreshing films are likely to reach theaters this coming year. We have more than 100 students from faith-fueled schools like Fuller Seminary, Biola University, Taylor University, and Pt. Loma University gathered here to grapple with these deep themes. 

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Completed (In Progress) Julie Kocher

The current Art and Shelter exhibition at The Salvation Army Alegria is a collection of art by 2009 Biola University Graduates. The exhibition is a wildly diverse collection of style and content, ranging from pastel portraits, backlight photographs, to crochet story tales.

“Meditation VII” by Julie Kocher is mounted on the wall just outside our child care center. While most of our work is hung beyond the reach of a 4 year old's hungry grasp, this particular piece is tantalizingly within reach. The work is a small card file box with the image of a flower imbedded in layers of wax. The flower is drawn with thread; with each thread covered by wax creating a three dimensional effect. Inside the box is a series of cards. Each card is a line in a poem that unfolds as the reader flips through the index cards.

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Horse Screws and Apocalyptic Lambs

Art can get tiring. Sometimes it seems like there is nothing that stands out from my crowded experience. During times like this a visit to a gallery or museum becomes like a quick walk around the block. God forbid I visit with someone else who spends time with the art because I will blow through an exhibition like wind coming down from Canada onto the plains of Indiana and end up waiting in the café until they are done. I sometimes wonder if these artistic droughts will never end, leaving me wilting away in front of American Idol having forsaken the visual arts forever. Of course every time I get close to the edge, something pulls me back.

Something like the work of David Adey. Adey’s work was recently highlighted at an exhibition for Biola University’s Art Symposium. Several of his craft collages of advertising images and some sculptural pieces were included. The intelligence and craft of his work is an excellent example of an artist’s visual synthesis of concepts and construction. From rearing horses made of black screws to apocalyptic lambs, Adey is an artist and Christian in a way that defies the pigeon holes those two words take cover in when combined.

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Installation of Art at Bell Shelter

Art and Shelter recently installed art by Biola University students at The Salvation Army Bell Shelter. The installation was organized by Dan Callis, Professor of Art at Biola University and included work from his abstract painting class.

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