Finding God in Unexpected Places

Let’s never make the mistake of thinking that God is primarily interested in religion.

Many of us were probably raised with the belief that if we wanted to find God that we had to use one of the religious means at our disposal. We could go to church, we could read the Bible, we could pray. If we followed one of these paths we’d be sure to find Him, elusive as He sometimes seemed to be. But I have learned that these are not the only ways to connect with God.  God does not limit Himself to “sacred” means when it comes to reaching us. His Divine fingerprints can be found in the most unlikely of places, if only we are paying attention.

One of my dear friends felt the first stirrings of spiritual longing in listening to a Cat Stevens record, a longing that once awakened led him down a different path than Stevens himself. Another person I know first began to believe after a visit to the Grand Canyon. There she got a glimpse of something even bigger than the awe-inspiring canyon itself. Whoever had created that canyon seemed worth getting to know.

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Biographies and the Authority of Truth

Biographies are funny things.  Most modern biographies go something like this:

“Hi.  My name is Matt Anderson, and I am a freelance writer, editor and soon-to-be financial advisor for Ameriprise Financial.  I graduated cumma sum laude from Biola University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities/Philosophy (insert joke here).  I have worked as a high school educator and event planner, including working on the very first convention for Christian bloggers.  I have been married to my beautiful wife for over two years.” 

Why is that funny?  It saves the most important aspect for the end—who I am in relationship with—and leaves out the most interesting aspects of my life.  (Okay, so ‘funny’ isn’t the right word.

Christianity 101 is in Iraq!

The Christianity 101 books have found their way around the world to such places as England, Australia, the Phillippines...and Iraq! We got an email from a soldier stationed there. His wife had sent him a few of the books, including "Bible Answers to Life's Big Questions. " We will post more pictures from this great guy and his family in the days ahead, and we will tell you a little of their story.

Lee Strobel talks about Creation

Bruce & Stan sit down with Lee Stobel to discuss Creation and Intelligent Design.

What’s So Great about Christianity?

Dr. Craig Hazen, Director of Apologetics at Biola University, answers this increasingly common question.

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When Tragedy Strikes Home

Just as the fires in California were being extinguished, a horrible tragedy took place in North Carolina. Seven college students were killed when a fire raced through the beach house they were staying in over the weekend. The loss of life is about equal to the number of people killed in California as a direct result of the fires that burned more than half a million acres, but the North Carolina devastation is much more personal. There are faces to this freak accident. These were young friends in the prime of their lives.

As I read about the North Carolina fire, I thought about the families and the unspeakable grief they must be experiencing. Then I glanced at some of the comments posted next to the article, a feature in today's social media world. Most were warmly supportive, offering prayers and condolences. But there was one that stood out, and I couldn't help but read it. I wish I had not.

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