To Grow, Put Yourself in Increasingly Difficult Situations

Here is some practical advice on how to force some growth in your life. Let's face it, often we have to make ourselves pretty uncomfortable to knock us out of our apathy.

Celebrate The Day

One of my responsibilities as a blogger is to start dialogue and conversation on controversial topics.  In order to effectively set up these conversations, it is important that I remain truthful, open, and honest.  In that spirit, I have a two confessions to make.  Here’s the first:  I am a choir boy.  


When I was in elementary school, my music teacher, Mrs. Neidringhaus (who, coincidentally, just became my Facebook friend last week), suggested I join a local professional boys choir, The All American Boys Chorus.  Lured by the promise of international travel and missed school days, I auditioned.  I was never really a singer before that moment, but that started a new journey for me as a chorister. 


AABC Group Photo 

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A Blue Heron and the Weight of Beauty

Last night, before I went to sleep, I determined that today would be a productive one.

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