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Will the Servant See Light?: My Society of Biblical Literature Paper

I am involved with several biblical and academic societies, one of which is the Society of Biblical Literature. Right before thanksgiving, I presented a paer at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Boston, titled: "Will the Servant 'See Light'?: A Reexamination of the 'ôr Variant in Isaiah 53:11." I thought I would share with you my paper abstract, and the handout I gave out during the presentation (see the attached PDF).

The handout involves a lot of Hebrew, but everything is translated into English. Obviously, since this is just a handout, the majority of my argument is not established in the PDF, but I thought you may enjoy it anyways.

I will let you know when I publish the paper. I will also try and retain my rights to the publication, so I can feature the full-length paper here.

I have considered writing a short book about Isaiah 53:10-12. Because of this, I would love to know if you are interested in the subject matter my handout addresses; and if you think the book would be a worthy endeavor. By the way, my M.A. thesis (which I am currently finishing up), “The Resurrected, Reconciliatory and Restorative Servant in Isaiah 53:10-12,” is about this passage.


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Yes, please let us have some more. Please give the pros and cons of why this might be the correct reading.

Thanks for the feedback Doc.

I don't want to give away too much yet, since I plan to do tell the "whole story" in the published article.


In Isaiah 11, is the branch of Jesse refering to Jesus?


From a larger canonical context (the context of both the Old and New Testaments), yes the branch of Jesse is a reference to Jesus. I am actually developing a paper I will be presenting at the Evangelical Theological Society in New Orleans about how Isaiah 6, 11 and 53 are tied together in Zechariah 3:8-9. After I have finished up this paper and present it, I will be writing another paper about how Luke 2 is structured around these four passages. Let's just leave it at this for now: The Servant (the Branch) in Isaiah and Zechariah is God's Divine Warrior that is announced to the world in Luke 2.

I will blog it all as it progresses. So, stay tuned.


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