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The Lost Servant: Really Good on Good Friday (5 Days in 4 Gospels: Bonus Post)

Was Jesus’ death and resurrection prophesied? I think so. Was it prophesied that he would suffer on our behalf? I think so. Try “prophesied 500 years before Jesus came on the scene” on for size:

Isaiah 53:10 (My Translation)

Yet Yahweh was pleased to crush [the servant]; he afflicted [him] (with sickness). If [Zion or Jerusalem] places his life a guilt offering

Then Something Miraculous Happens: Isaiah 53:10–12 (My Translation)

[The servant] will see offspring, he will prolong days and the will of Yahweh in his hand will succeed. From the trouble of his life he will see light. He will be satisfied.

In his knowledge, my righteous servant shall make the many righteouss and he will bear their iniquities.

Therefore I will divide to him [a portion] among the many, and with [the] strong ones he shall divide bounty, because he exposed his life to death and was counted with transgressors, and he carried [the] sin of many and will intercede for transgressors.

Questions to Consider:

Who killed Jesus? The Jerusalem priesthood in Zion (Israel) at the temple.

What holiday was Jesus killed during? Passover, when many guilt offerings would be brought into the temple.

What does the servant represent in his death? A guilt offering.

Who did Jesus die for according to the New Testament writers? The many—all of us.

Was Jesus beaten? Yes.

Did Jesus die? Yes.

Was Jesus resurrected according to the New Testament writers? Yes.


A Poem to Reflect on: “The Lost Servant”

Along the way we have discovered truth

     But we some how lost our way

In the light we saw the beginning

     But we lost sight of he who first saw lightWhen we thought of resurrection    

We said, “No it could never be”

     But there is a beginning for everything

New life is now what we see


To all those who lost the servant

     And to all who wish to reclaim him

                    Here is your servant

                             Resurrected. Restorative. Reconciliatory.

                                      Once lost, but always found

 May kings shut their mouths at him

     And all who follow his example

—From the “Dedication” of my forthcoming book, The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah.

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