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Spirituality that Grows Like a Weed

Vision casters desire that the roots of their vision grow deep and wide. They want to see their vision catch on and grow in the hearts and minds of others like weeds. But it's easy to stray away from a central vision, and before you know it, you're growing a different kind of tree entirely.

Part of my backyard looks like this right now. My flowerbed in the back is growing ginormous weeds. You know, the type that could take over the planet if they want to. (I could personify them further, but I'll leave that to you.) As my wife and I (well mainly her) began conquering the green monsters in the backyard, I wondered, "What kind of weeds are growing inside of me? The kind of vision (the kind that bear fruit), or ones that will kill out all that is good? For this reason, I often pray, "God, help me to see the good in others today." I have realized that if I don't look for the best in other people, my vision of a better world -- a world where people search for God in everything and make him known in all parts of their lives -- will never come to fruition. 

To shoot straight, I have not always been certain where the idea of seeing the infinite God in everything would take us. I'm still working it out a bit. Don't get me wrong, I have an idea, but I have been letting that idea spread, and hopefully grow. I want an idea that is truly from God, and Bible driven, to grow like weeds in my heart and in our lives. So, I'm curious what does seeing the infinite in everything mean to you? What does it look like? What is growing in your life?

To give you an idea of how my thoughts about the infinite in everything began, check out this post here. Then drop me a comment on this thread. I would love to hear from you.


Quite interesting post. Everything comes from small then turns to big. I just hope that my little understanding about religion will grow. - JustFab

In the field of psychology, much emphasis has been placed on improving the relationship of the self to the self. In the scientific arena, we've witnessed fascinating breakthroughs in understanding through quantum physics and recognition of the universe in its true form.

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The Infinite God is everywhere, are you looking? I am dedicated to finding God in all aspects of life – the Bible, the news, and the arts. Because I find that the most fulfilling journey of all is searching for heaven here on earth.