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God is Moving, Are You?

Over the past year or so, we have been discussing what it means to see the Infinite God in Everything. We have hung out with William Blake, Moses, Thoreau, Jason Mraz, Isaiah, and Paul -- just to name a few perceptive people. In the words of Larry from Veggie Tales, these guys, "Made me laugh, made me cry -- [they] moved me Bob."

But where are we going? This question reveals the most interesting thing about theology I have discovered in the last four years of my life: "We don't know where we are going." Scared yet?

If you have rarely thought about theology, you should be scared. If you think about theology all the time, you should be scared. We should all be. Because ultimately what we believe about God determines the way we act here and now.

We need to ask: Where has God been? Where is he going? And where are we in the midst of it all?

I often use to say when preaching, "God is moving, are you?" Well, are you? God's story is unfolding all around us. The question becomes: Will we be a part of his story?

Next week, I hope to start blogging more constantly about this subject. I hope to work through precisely what it means for us to see the Infinite God in everything and follow where He is going. In the meantime, drop me a comment and let me know where you think God is moving. What happens next in your life is up to you.


I was able to reflect about the article and it deeply reminds me about the great things that God has given to us. In my own views I think I moved already in a sense that I do the right things for God by believing in him and showing him my great faith and loyalty as a Christian.
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I do agree with what you said. I am also going to share this with my friends.
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It's inspiring,reflective and morally right stories to keep in touch with.
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Every story you've posted are inspiring and true to life, As a Christian, I have a strong faith in Him.
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The story is based in true to life story and its really inspiring...
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Great lesson in know more about God. Nicklaus Misiti

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The Infinite God is everywhere, are you looking? I am dedicated to finding God in all aspects of life – the Bible, the news, and the arts. Because I find that the most fulfilling journey of all is searching for heaven here on earth.