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The Project that Saved My Faith: John Barry on National Day of Prayer's Podcast

One of the little known stories behind my book The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah is that working on the project actually saved my faith. Like many young lads, college was a time filled with belief struggles. For me, it wasn't because I was "coming into my own" or rebelling; it was because I wasn't sure if I believed at all anymore. As the adage goes, "I knew just enough to be dangerous." I was studying manuscripts, the history of how the Bible came together, and the historical Jesus. The combination, along with the high stress of taking Greek and Hebrew simulteounsly, was quite a bit (faith-wise) to bear. And when you're ministering while handling your own faith crisis, you start to get worried.

On the Engage in Truth podcast, from the National Day of Prayer Task Force, I tell John Bornschein and Michael Calhoun part of the story of how I snapped out of it. Listen here.


Grappling and wrestling my way to righteousness is a difficult path. Nevertheless, it is all worth it since I know what my sacrifice is for. -

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