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How do I understand the Bible?

I am a Christian but I find studying the Bible a difficult thing to do. Most times I have to force myself to study. This really troubles me because I want to have a constant connection with God. What can I do?

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You are not alone.

Arthur -
Reading the Bible isn't easy....for anyone.
Thankfully God is faithful to those who are faithful.
Just keep reading. Read a little everyday. Be aware: every time you open your Bible you may not be blinded by bright lights, hover off your chair and feel the wisdom of God rain down upon you.

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Have you ever wanted to just one day sit down to read the Bible and actually “get” what it was saying? What if the most misunderstood book in the entire world unearthed its entire truth to you—how special would that be? Wouldn’t you want to share this fresh insight with the entire world?

Throughout history, primitive and modern cultures alike have all used levels of meaning to pass on knowledge. The Bible is one such body of knowledge that has been passed down to most of us on a literal level. However, in my quest for enlightenment, I realized that literal levels of meaning had far less to do with what the original gospel writers intended to share when they first inscribed the words millennia ago.

Myths, parables, and teaching stories were never meant to be taken literally nor were they supposed to hold any historical merit. Rather the literal levels were designed to hold a higher meaning, which could only be revealed to the initiated, or those who were able to think beyond the literal unto a higher psychological level.

Whether you’re a new seeker or a long-time reader of the Bible, my new book Romans to Jude – Precise Christian Scripture will be the key to helping you finally graduate from the literal meaning of the New Testament unto a higher, esoteric knowledge of Biblical truth. The days of the Bible being the most understood book ever published have come to an end. Here is your chance to become a master of Christian literature and a bona fide steward of the mystery. The time has come for us all to finally see with clarity.