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Jesus’ world was far more religiously pluralistic than most of us imagine. He grew up and headquartered His ministry in “Galilee of the Gentiles.” He regularly rubbed shoulders with polytheistic and superstitious Romans, with philosophical and sophisticated Greeks, with hard-partying pagans, and with God-fearing Africans.

The Bible tells us that Jesus, unlike His fellow countrymen, did not avoid the despised and syncretistic Samaritans. Nor did Jesus shun the Jews who were considered persona non grata in the local synagogues, like those who worked for the occupying government, or who rejected Hebrew ways in favor of Greek, or who lived hellion lifestyles. Moreover, Jesus interacted with individuals representing all of the major sects of Judaism – Sadducees, Pharisees, Zealots, and Essenes. And these included a huge variety of spiritual expression from the emotional to the contemplative, from the spontaneous to the staid, from Bible-thumpers to compassion-lovers, from those who push religion to the four corners of their lives while others passionately seek to push it to the four corners of the globe.

Is there some way to categorize, organize and understand the varieties of spiritual expression that Jesus encountered? Is it possible that the kinds of people Jesus dealt with in His day are similar to the ones we face today? Are there prototypical and stereotypical religious patterns to which people gravitate? And why do we do so? If we lived in Jesus’ day, what spiritual “camp” would be most like ours? How would Jesus approach us? What would he do with us? What would our Spiritual Profile be?

Author and pastor Tom Hovestol invites you to see for yourself how Jesus might have connected with you. From the emotional to the contemplative, the spontaneous to the serious, and from those who push spiritualtiy to the corners of their lives to those who push it to the four corners of the globe--explore the eight different spiritual profiles of the people whom Jesus interracted.

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This book is amazing! Tom investigates his subject to the fullest and writes the truth as he sees it. It is an easy read and is written so anyone can understand it.

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Spiritual Profiling is one of the most enlightening books that I have ever read. The authors premise is that we can improve ourselves and our relationships by simply recognizing that Jesus dealt with certain personality types that we deal with today. Learning what those are and how to interact will help us engage with others.

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