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Time to See and Know

My family is not big marchers.  My parents never took me to a protest.  I think they look at big rallies as a giant collective fit and there was no patience for throwing fits at our house.  The more noise you made, the more likely you were to be ignored by my parents.  This background shapes my view as I think about the March for America in Washington DC this weekend. 

In my parents’ house, throwing a fit wasn’t necessary because they paid attention to their children.  If we needed something, it was provided.  If we wanted something, we could simply ask for it and discuss our desire.  My parents knew us.  They saw us. They valued and considered us.  They recognized the way we each contributed to our family.

The time has come for us to know and value the undocumented immigrants among us.  As a nation we need to see and hear these neighbors.  We can no longer ignore the 12 million plus people who participate in our society every day.  Perhaps if 100,000 people convene in DC it will force us to take note of the millions of young adults raised in this country who have no legal way to attend college and work.  Perhaps if enough people speak out we will open our eyes to see that the current policies undermine our most central values by separating families for long periods of time.  If we see and hear thousands of marchers just maybe we will sit up and take note of the workers around us who contribute to our comfort and lifestyle without the hope of that same lifestyle.  Sometimes when people are looking right at you but don’t see you, you have to make some noise.  You have to step out and march. 

And this time around, my parents are all for marching. They may not have a history as protesters but they have a long history of finding solutions.  And that’s what the March for America is about- finding workable solutions that will comprehensively deal with the complex issues of border security, visas, and a path to citizenship for those currently here and contributing to our country.  Even my parents know when its time to make some noise.        



Thank you for being a voice of compassion and reason, Chrissy. I'm also praying for comprehensive immigration reform to pass this year. Great blog!

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I love our world- the sights, noises, and flavors of it all. I've found the best way for me to make a difference globally is to be rooted and engaged in my community. Every day is 1 more adventure in loving God and loving my neighbor.