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OBAMA and 7-11 runs....

Something happened the other day. Something ironic.

There are days when the only thing that will suffice a serious appetite is a 2 AM 7-11 run. Who's with me? But on this particular night, I witnessed something not unfamiliar to the 7-11 franchise.  Theft. But not any kind of theft.

This 15 year old still pre-pubescent punk walks into the store.... goes to the "beer cave".... and walks right out the front door while maintaining eye-contact with the man behind the register - as if to say, "just try to stop me." I'm there at the counter, paying for my moon pies, as any good participating citizen would. The man at the register just shook his head, defeated. I looked at him - then to the kid - back to the man, and thought "I need to run after him and stop him." I walked out. The acne laced thief just kept walking. And nothing. What was I going to do? The 7-11 dude told me not to go after him - that the last gentleman that did was, and I quote, "knifed". 

I was so upset to witness such a ridiculously obvious form of injustice. There is a point. Hold tight. 

When in the face of something as seemingly minor as a beer theft from a 7-11 I found myself wracked with anger. So I have to ask the even larger questions. If we have the opportunity to take matters into our own hands and stand up to something that is wrong, it's obvious that we must.  

The reason I mentioned the irony of this 7-11 experience? For this fall, we have instated a CITIZENS ARREST of JOSEPH KONY - Leader of the LRA. So we CAN take matters into our own hands. The goal? To get at least 250,000 signatures that we can hand deliver to one of these four major political figures. 

1- President Obama himself.

2- Michelle Obama. 

3- Vice President Biden.

4- Sec. of State Clinton.  

Go here to sign it. And tell all your friends.

 Now, I only wish I could've arrested the 7-11 fugitive, as a citizen.... 

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