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My Quick-Draw Mouth: An Addendum

It is probably a result of my immaturity and inexperience that I need to add an addendum to my last blog.  I was trigger-happy, fired a few shots at the problem, but ended up missing the target.  Let's see if I can get it with a little more patience.

What I was driving at was that, as is evidenced by eight years of Republican rule and now 30 days of Democrat rule, they are not our Savior.  The "if only Bush wasn't in power, the left wing would be more responsible" people have just been met with the cold water of this stimulus package.  As I said, we just traded one money pit for another.  Both sides of our government have their agendas, and those agendas have gigantic holes in them through which those truly in need fall through.   As Christians, the government cannot be our Savior.

The immovable silence I mentioned is evidence that we are not saviors either.  Our causes may be noble but they will often be driven by circumstance or convenience and marked by inconsistency.  

It's an expensive reminder that aside from Jesus, anything we put our trust in - be it a government, money, a job, a spouse, family, our talents, our looks, our intelligence - will fall face down an infinite distance from being our Savior.  Those things might be good things, but they are not ultimate things.  We all need the Ultimate thing, the One who was rich but became poor, the One who isn't swayed by circumstance and who is always consistent; the One looks at the depth of our own poverty and fickleness and loves us in spite of them.  He is the only thing that truly stimulates, changes, and brings hope.




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