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GAD? Update 6_21_2012: Hit Man to Hero Trailer!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer:) Got some big news to share with you....

My current film, Hit Man to Hero, just launched our trailer and IndieGoGo campaign!! I told my producers that our friends would step up and support this fundraiser, so take about 5 minutes to check everything out and consider giving a little to help us finish this film!!

Screenings have slowed down for us a little since school got out, but we did end up winning the "Visionary Award" at the Awareness Film Festival in LA and just got back from a fun screening at the Gathering in Indianapolis!!!

We've had a few incredible interviews recently: We were absolutely blown away by Gregg Mullen and the team at HEC TV.
Their story on GAD? was possibly our best story ever. You need to check it out !!!!!!!!!! . Also, here is an hour long interview with Dan on "World Poverty" with Lillian Brummet

Last of all, David & When the Saints are having a swing dance fundraiser this Sunday. Details here:

"Don't dim your light when you're around people. The light is what people are attracted to." - DeVon Franklin
-Dan Parris
Director of Give A Damn? & Hit Man to Hero
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"Give A Damn? is a feature length documentary about an idealist activist who convinces one of his best friends, who doesn't give a damn about the poor, to go to Africa and live on $1.25 a day."