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A Very Sincere THANK YOU.

I'm so completely appreciative at how willing everyone was to help us out in that $1 Million campaign - I'm still in shock that we won it! But it wouldn't have been possible without your help. Seriously. It came down to 1200 votes - and if there was another 10 minutes in the competition, we wouldn't have made it. 

Time and time again, I am encountered with the impossible becoming a reality at Invisible Children. And you're as much apart of making that happen as anyone else. So again, I wanted to extend a huge thank you for lending your time and resources in helping us win that $1 MILLION grant!

Knowing how much I appreciate it - well, I can't imagine how thankful the people that will feel the impact of this money will be.
And I wanted to show you how insane we all were at the office during the last night of voting. It's a pretty epic 4 minute video:



Very cool!

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