Scars and Stripes
Through the cracks of our frailty, our splendor shines through.
29 years old
Calgary, Canada
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I am a musician, vegetarian, and drywall taper. I am very interested in faith as it relates to politics and art and am continually discovering that everything I think I know is pretty much wrong!
My band, Somastate (, writing, singing, playing on my drum machine, trying to get famous, snowboarding occasionally, trying to give up eating cheese.
Cheese. Jesus. Beer. METAL. Football (Go Seahawks, screw you Cowboys!). My beautiful girlfriend (who likes the Cowboys...gross). Reading. Writing. Arithmetic.
In Flames. A Perfect Circle. Darkest Hour. Tom Waits. Dark Tranquility. Nine Inch Nails. Way too many to list....It would take all day.
Don't really watch them. I did really like Lars and the Real Girl.
The Brothers Karamazov. Subversive Orthodoxy. A Tree Full of Angels. Harry Potter. Any Douglas Coupland book. The Seven Story Mountain.
Bachelor of Arts, Music Rocky Mountain College Calgary, AB
Owner Unicor Drywall Services Calgary, AB